How to Find A Good Tax Accountant in Sydney

Of course, Sydney being one of the most influential cities in the World, there’s certainly no shortage of business going on. There is a booming economy which has grown exponentially over recent years and continues to grow rapidly to this day. In that light, finding a good tax accountant is easy. However, if you want to identify which accountants are exceptional and which are not, then you’re going to have to delve a little deeper.

And yes, a good accountant will certainly uphold their end of the bargain and help you take care of the books and handle all of your tax related obligations. On the other hand, there are accountancy firms out there who will and do go above and beyond to deliver an impeccable level of service, – essentially functioning as a business partner, with your businesses best interest at heart.

An exceptional accountancy firm will have a significant influence on the growth and development of your business; finding new and innovative ways to help you streamline your overall earnings and tax-reduction potential.

Naturally, you’re going to come across a great number of accountancy firms, each and every one claiming to be the ‘very best’ and the ‘most reliable’. It’s difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff when they’re all so darn perfect. So, for your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of things to look out for, and tips to help you make an informed decision when selecting which accountancy firm to work with.

Here Is How to Find A Good Tax Accountant in Sydney


The early stages are relatively straightforward, as first of all you’re going to want to shortlist a few potential candidates to work with. You’ll be able to tell almost instantaneously when you visit a website as to what type of business you’re dealing with. Any reputable firm will almost certainly have their house in order, which means that their website will be clear, concise and easy to navigate.

What to Look For

  • References and Testimonials: Any reputable accountancy firm worth their salt will have a number of testimonials on their website. Most of the time these are legitimate, however they’re easy enough to fabricate. To be perfectly honest, this is unavoidable and there will be no real way to tell, so you’ll have to go with your gut. That being said; any truly reputable firm will be happy and able to put you in contact with a reference or two should you need further convincing.
  • Functional Layout: If you have to spend more than a few seconds trying to find your way to where you want to be on a website, then it’s a poorly designed website. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the accountancy firm will be no good; but it’s not a very good sign. You have to ask, if they can’t streamline something as simple as their own website & its functionality, how are they going to fare with your books?
  • Website Content: What does their website content say to you? What you should look for is a company who can outline their services and specialities clearly without overly ripe embellishment. After all: “Any man who must say I am the King, is no true King”.



We’re already familiar with the old cliché, so you’ll appreciate the importance of first impressions. You’ve already shortlisted several companies based on their website and testimonials, now it’s time to make contact.

You should be able to get a fairly good idea about what you’re dealing with based on your initial interaction with an accountancy firm. How are you greeted on the phone? Are you kept waiting for very long? How enthusiastic is the representative when discussing your requirements? Any reputable accountancy firm worth their salt is going to be genuinely excited to hear about what you have to say, – and to present to you how they’re going to be able to help you on your journey to success.

If you experience anything short of excellence during your first encounter, then you should bin them off immediately. Though of course, if you’re dealing with a receptionist and they advise you that there are no advisors free for the moment, but they’ll be able to call you back the moment that someone is free, bear with them. The fact that they’re busy is already a very good sign! But, if they take too long or don’t bother at all, well, that speaks for itself.

Important Questions to Ask

  • How long have you been in business? – You’ll want to work with a well-established business with a record of success. Again, that’s not to say that a new start-up isn’t going to be any good to work with, you’ll just have to go with your gut in that case.
  • Do you have any references? – If they shy away from sharing any references then you should be concerned. Any truly reputable and successful accountancy firms will have plenty of satisfied clients who would be willing to testify on their behalf.
  • How and who will be handling my account? – It’s nice to know that you won’t be passed from pillar to post. Of course, many accountancy firms work together closely, ensuring that everything is double checked. However, having a dedicated accountant looking after you is important.
  • How will you intend to keep me up to date? – A truly efficient accountancy firm will be happy to give you regular courtesy phone calls as well as keeping you in the loop via email or using a CRM system.
  • Other Important Questions



Ultimately, in order to find the most suitable accountant for you, you’re going to have to go with your gut. You’ll come across a number of strong candidates, each coming across brilliantly on the phone with plenty of references and testimonials for you to follow up. You could try word of mouth and see if you have any friends or family that have had experience with the companies in question, – but you should trust your own judgment as well. If you get a good feeling about an accountancy firm, and the people that you have been dealing with have given off good vibes, then you might have your winner. Communication is important and if you get on well with someone then that’s good for business as well!